My Foot Update



IMG_3555 First of all I would like to say that I don’t want all of you ladies getting jealous of my new summer sandals!  I also promise not to just blog about my broken toe and blog something more interesting this week. 

I can’t believe in a week how well I am feeling.  My toe is healing nicely and I get my stitches out at the end of next week.  It will take a few more weeks for it to heal completely but I am able to put some pressure on it which enables me to hobble around the house.  When I have to be out and about a lot it is back to my crutches and wheel chair.  Ohh yes I do feel 80 years old! I told Adam this foot is a glimpse into our future of bunions and hammer toes!

My kids have taken full advantage of my currant state and I have decided I need an extender to the swat spoon so I can reach them from the couch. All joking aside I have to give props to Micah who is my big helper these days! He is a life saver!!

Thank you to those that have helped me out this week, and to all  those that have offered, I still my be calling you!  Well for now that is all to say about and me and my poor toe!!


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    rachel ruelas June 11, 2010

    woah! wait, we have this nice post about family photos then a broken toe?!?! tell me the story!

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