Mandie’s Baby Shower

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping my sister in law, with her sisters baby shower.  The shower was at Rhonda’s house, and was the perfect setting for what we needed, shade!!  We made it more then half way through the shower, before the heat sent us inside! Thank you Rhonda and George for letting us take over your house the last couple of days! I know all that extra time with the Grandchildren was torture!!  Congratulations Chris and Mandie, we can’t wait for little Sadie Lynn to get here!!


arrangement sign and onsies

arrangement invite and flowers

arrangement landscape and drinks

drink arrangement

arrangement onsies

Handmade onsies specially made by Auntie Brie.

arrangement favors

Owl Fan Favors (which we used all morning, to beat the heat!)

arrangement food 

food arrangement 1

We had a self serve Fruit & Yogurt Parfait Bar.

arrrangement love notes

Everyone was asked to write a “lover note” to Sadie.

arrangement brie and mandie

arrangement gifts


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