Home Sweet Home

I was reminded last night that I have not posted pictures like I promised of our new house yet.  So here they are!!  We love our new place. Like any home it is a work in progress. I have lots of dreams and plans for it.  It is exciting to have something that is finally ours.  Good or bad it is ours, and I love it!!


IMG_6747 copy


Grace 1

Grace 2

I have never done a girly room for Grace, since she has always shared a room with big brother. It was was really fun to get to finally decorate for her.


IMG_6156 copy

IMG_6166 copy

Micah and Noah’s room. No more cribs for us, it is big boys beds from here on out!!

IMG_6180 copy

Guest Bathroom


IMG_6192 copy

Living Room

IMG_6211 copy

IMG_6212 copy

IMG_6219 copy


IMG_6233 copy

IMG_6253 copy

This room is our everything room, eating,  laundry, school, or crafts.  We spend a lot of time in here!! This is one of my favorite areas in the house!

IMG_6277 copy

Master bedroom



  1. Reply
    Megan Mills September 6, 2010

    I LOVE it- wow- what a great find. The outside, the bright kitchen, the wooden floors- all of it!

  2. Reply
    Leslie September 6, 2010

    Michelle and Adam! I am so happy to see pictures of your home! How darling! I want to come to your school room too! Each room is adorable. May our Lord bless your home and may many wonderful memories be built in each room!
    Love you all! Leslie

  3. Reply
    rachel ruelas September 6, 2010

    BEAUTIFUL Michelle!!!! We looked at this house about two years ago, when it first came onto the market scene… too expensive! but GORGEOUS!!!! CONGRATS! The Loft is my favorite part!

  4. Reply
    Rebekah September 6, 2010

    Wow, I love it all! Your kitchen is wonderful and Grace’s room is darling! Congratulations!

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