Another Year

I was happy when I found out we would have all the kids back this year for school. We were thinking it would  just be Katie and I, and we would have to do some recruiting this year. I was thrilled when it worked out to have the old gang back again.  I love seeing these kids (and mommies) each week!  They are getting so big so fast, and I know this year is going to fly by once again. 

A couple weeks ago we took pictures for a special card for Miss Leslie. We are so happy she is feeling better. Leslie we are finishing up your card this week and it will be on its way to you soon. 

IMG_6931 copy

IMG_6970 copy IMG_6982 copy

IMG_6983 copy IMG_6975 copy

IMG_6966 copy IMG_6991 copy




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    Sara October 5, 2010

    Love this group of kids! So glad they get to be together for another year! These pictures are soooo cute! Love how they really capture their personalities! Thanks for all you are doing to make this group run smoothly again this year!

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    rhonda October 6, 2010

    Sweet kids!!

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