My Big 6 Year Old

I can’t believe I have a six year old in Kindergarten already. Micah said his birthday was awesome as we rode home tonight. I am glad it was a success in his eyes.

Micah we love you so much. You are such a huge helper in this family.  Thanks for being a great big brother to Noah and Grace.  Looking forward to many more awesome birthdays!!!     Here are some of the highlights!


  • He loves school and is starting to read which is exciting!
  • He loves to wear winter clothes, no flip flops or shorts.  He says wearing longs paints makes him feel like a guy:) Thank goodness the fall is here.
  • He loves all things Ninja.  Ninja Turtles being on top of that list.
  • He loves riding his bike, and now new roller blades, and scooter will be added to that mix.
  • He loves to draw and do art, which is about the only thing I can get him to sit still for.

faces 2

This is how a six year old takes pictures.  Actually… this is also how Adam likes taking his pictures too!!



I love you!!


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