The Nest Unit

So this year my mom is helping us out a couple times a month with Discovery Kids (Its official I am calling it that).  She had her first day as lead teacher this week and did such a great job!! Our morning was all about the Letter “N” and “The Nest.” I think the kids had a really fun day! Thanks teaching Nana.



These were the edible nests they got to take home.  Chow Mien and Chocolate, with jelly bean eggs! There were really good!!


Teacher Nana taught the kids how to make birds.  The older boys actually drew the bird by hand, but the girls used shape cut outs to make their bird. This was so great, because it was not only fun to make the bird, but they got to go over their shapes as well.


IMG_7053 copy

All the kids go to make nests out of Playdough. We used a salt based Playdough so it would dry after.  Clay would have been easier to work with, but whole made Playdough is much easier on the budget, so we just went with it.  After the nest was formed, we had lots of various nesting material they used to stick in their nest.  Lastly they rolled eggs out of blue Playdough for the finishing touch.  So Cute!!


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Here were some of the books we read that day.



IMG_7037 copy IMG_7036 copy

We all stayed after for special birthday lunch for Micah since it was his big day!



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