Apple Unit

This week at Discovery Kids our focus was the letter “A” and the Apple. We talked about what kind of “apple things” we liked best.  Apple juice was a big winner. Later that morning my Micah told teacher Sarah this in so many words, “ My dad would like to make beer out of apples cause he really like beer!!” Ohh I about died!!  Thanks Micah  for making daddy seem like a huge boozer!! Ohh just when you think they can’t embarrass you any more… out it comes!

Sarah did a great job as lead teacher. She made these cute bags for snack time.  Inside the bags was applesauce and of course an apple.  Very Cute!!

IMG_7687 copy

IMG_7691 copy

IMG_7695 copy  We did apple painting for our craft.

IMG_7696 copy IMG_7697 copy

IMG_7698 copy IMG_7700 copy

Very proud of their project!



little_apple_goat 0525467270.01.LZZZZZZZ

1658143 (1)  Disney-All-Johnny-Appleseed-360538

This weeks books, as well as the old Disney Johnny Apple Seed Movie.




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    Sara October 22, 2010

    Cute! Love the bags too!

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