Halloween Preview

So we always let the kids get dressed up in their costumes the family dinner before Halloween.  We don’t usually all see each other on the actual day, so I am so glad we have kept with this tradition because these kids were too cute to miss!!  Sheree made some amazing Stew tonight.  Yum Yum!!! It was a great night!



Watch out Daniel, if she is this gorgeous now!!!


Our Sweet Tinker Bell


IMG_8827 copy

Peter Pan, not digging this whole picture thing. Sorry bud, but you guys looks so cute!!

IMG_8904 The Dragon…. and I finally got a smile out of him!


IMG_8718 copy

IMG_8714 So last I heard she was going to be an old lady. It turned out that old lady morphed into bag lady…. even better!!!  We died laughing all night!!


I am not ready for her to be a bride yet!!!

IMG_8689 copy

Ninja Micah



Grace slaying the dragon herself.


So I did not mean to leave out Ninja Noah but he had removed most of his costume, so my little Ninja pics will come later!




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