School Room Update!

Well my school room finally got an update.  I always hated my bookshelves but you know how it is,  if that is all you have, then that’s all you have.  When we first moved in I was determined to hide them away upstairs somewhere, but we have slanted ceilings upstairs and they were way to tall.  I found out later, that they were the exact fit up against the wall in my school room, so I decided it was time to give them an makeover.  

We had a couple weeks off Discovery kids so it was my goal to get working on this project  so it would be done in time.  I spent the next few days painting and then enlisted my amazing dad to do the hard part  or at least hard for me.  He took the baseboards off  so we could secure them up against the wall. I got trim which was not expensive and we trimmed it all up so it would look like one piece instead of two separate bookshelves like before.  I also finally took out the ugly fold up table and got a new white table for my birthday  We spend so much time in here I am glad I finally have a place I feel great in.   Thank you Dad for all your hard work, they are just what I wanted!!

IMG_8644 IMG_8642



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    rhonda November 3, 2010

    Good work Michelle and Sergio! Looks amazing.

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    Kathleen/Mom November 6, 2010

    That is the school room I always dreamed of having!! Instead we home schooled at our kitchen table or in the van while on the go, as you well remember!! 🙂 The room is perfect. God knew just what you needed when he hand- picked your house, and you have decorated it so beautifully.

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    Michelle November 6, 2010

    It turned out perfect.

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    Sara Karlson November 7, 2010

    Seriously- what about your shopping companion to IKEA? No love? Just Kidding!!! You and your dad did a great job. I love how it all came together! In fact, I love this room so much it almost makes me what to homeschool. Almost.

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