DK Gives Thanks


IMG_1635 copyKids Thanksgiving Tree Craft (also made for a lovely centerpiece)

IMG_1673 copy

IMG_1655 copy

IMG_1641 copy






  1. Reply
    Shea Lieder November 20, 2010

    Ok the dresses. I am dying. So cute.

  2. Reply
    Renee November 20, 2010

    So cute! Those dresses look great and those bows look familiar:) See ya in a few weeks!

  3. Reply
    Kathleen/Mom November 20, 2010

    That last photo of the three DK girls is SOOO adorable. They look like triplets in their matching clothes and similar hair color.

  4. Reply
    Sara November 20, 2010

    Perfect day! Shall we dress the boys alike one of these days???

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