Karlson Family

I have been holding back on posting a lot of my pictures lately so not to spoil everyone’s Christmas cards.  Over the next few weeks I will be able to un veil more and more.  Be on the lookout for some more great families and cute babies coming soon!

The Karlsons are such a great family and I was happy to get to do their pictures this year.  It can be a challenge with having more people in your shoot. Getting those smiles and happy face can be tough, however not here, they all did a great job!

Ben Test 2

IMG_0283 copy 2

IMG_0299 copy

IMG_0541 copy

IMG_0506 copy IMG_0328


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    Michelle P December 10, 2010

    Great pictures. You always do such a wonderful job.

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    Sara December 13, 2010

    We love them!!! Thanks friend- I sure appreciate you capturing this season for us. Not only did they turn out great- but we had a great time and it wasn’t stressful (as pictures can sometimes be). I think the combination of my prayers, bribing everyone with gifts and your relaxed style was the trick!

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