March of the Penguins

I really have not blogged on Discovery Kids lately. There are some weeks that I just don’t have the time to snap pictures.  However,  I could not resist this weeks Penguin theme to take pictures.  My mom was our lead teacher this week and did a great job on our topic.  If you can believe it, she had these old penguin costumes from my brothers old days in Discovery Kids.  My mom by the way really missed her calling as a costume designer! She is quite brilliant and resourceful when it comes to costumes.  I guess you would have to be when you have six kids to outfit for Halloween.

That morning we had lots of great books on Penguins, and we watched pieces of the March of the Penguins documentary.  ‘We also played a few games,  one of which was Penguin, Penguin, Petrel, this being our “penguin” version of Duck, Duck, Goose. 

We are missing a couple penguins in this picture. One was out sick, and one was well…being un corporative:) Good job penguins!

IMG_3164 copy

IMG_3165 copy



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    Joni Lloyd January 23, 2011

    this is stinkin’ darling. i think we may have to be a family of penguins for halloween! the costumes are so smart!

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    Debbie WIlliams January 23, 2011

    I had J & K on Friday while running errands. Kennedy wore her penguin hat in and out of stores all day. She was a cute penguin. Thanks Michelle and thanks teacher nana Kathleen.

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    mom April 5, 2011

    A little late in posting this comment, but so glad the kids had fun with these costumes, and so glad I saved them. You have no idea how many times I almost tossed them out, but I am a costume collecting nut.
    It brings back great memories of my Jon and Jeremy, who are now age 19 and 17, who wore these in a Discovery Kids skit many long years ago. The skit was based on the book called Tacky the Penguin. Jeremy was one of the regular penguins like the ones shown here and Jon was a sport and played Tacky, the odd penguin with curly yarn hair and a Hawaiian shirt. He was chosen for the part of Tacky since he was the only one who could stand on his head…a feat required for the part! You’ll have to read the book. 🙂

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