Chris & Mandie’s Wedding

We went to our friends wedding tonight. It was beautiful, we had a lot of fun!


Simonson Wedding 021


Simonson Wedding 027

Simonson Wedding 031

Simonson Wedding 035

These are our husbands not wanting thier pic taken ( they are worse then the kids!).

Simonson Wedding 020

This cake was amazing!!! I had the chocolate, it was defiantly not your average wedding cake.


  1. Reply
    Peter May 31, 2008

    the cake was amazing!

  2. Reply
    Peter May 31, 2008

    the cake was definitely delicioso!

  3. Reply
    Peter May 31, 2008

    i got tricked into posting twice!

  4. Reply
    Katie June 1, 2008

    wow, my brother had a lot to say about the cake!
    kudos to those centerpieces

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