Our Newest Mandolin Player

So my husband recently upgraded his mandolin, which means the old one is now available for the kids to practice on. This is big, since touching Dad’s mandolin before without him around was a big No No!!

Noah especially has taken to it. I find him around the house singing and strumming these days. This is so cute  for a little while, and then it turns to pure annoying.  The other night the family band was all playing.  Dad and Noah each with Mandolin, Micah on drums, and Grace on the guitar.  Needless to say I snuck away after the first song (Old Mc Donald Had a Farm) for some peace and quiet in the other room.   Yes he likes playing the mandolin like this ( a bit upside down) .  He tells me, it’s how he likes to play it. Well there you have it, my little Blue Grass Baby!


Noah and the mandolin

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