Misha Flowers

I appreciate all of my Misha fans asking about my flowers this summer.  My schedule lately has not allowed me to spend much time on them. I hoping to maybe do a show in the fall, but we will see.  I just went through my inventory and tried to organize a bit this last weekend.  Here are the flowers that I have in stock right now.  I can not always order more, and most of these I only have one in stock, so if you are interested let me know ASAP so I can pull it aside for you.


Clips $5.00

Newborn/Infant Elastic Headbands $8.00

Hard Headbands $10.00

(product # 3, 4, 12, and 14 can not be put on hard headbands because of their small size)

Please just specify the product number and what type you would like when you message me.   Thanks!!

  2 3 4 13

 6 7 8  14


9 10 11 12

1 5



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