Going Away Navy Style

Michael is a dear friend of our family, as well as brother-in-law to my brother.   His life is taking an exciting turn as he gets ready to leave for the Navy this next week.  His family threw a great going away party for him.  You all did a great job it looked awesome!!

Michael we are so excited for you as you start this new journey. Words can not express how grateful we are , that you are taking  up the call to defend this country.  It is bitter sweet to see you go.  We are proud and excited, and yet sad that it is now one of our own that is out there risking his life  for us.  I pray for God’s strength and protection on you.  My God Bless you on this new journey!


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                                                            Michael’s Grandparents who also served  this country.


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    Sara September 29, 2011

    This party is so cool! I love all the thoughtful little touches and details! I’m going to store these ideas away in case someone close to me ever joins the military so we could do something like this to encourage and support them.

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