Happy Birthday Micah

Micah turned 7 this last week. Yes I know this post is a week late! Well anyway these days it’s all about the soccer for him !! He can not get enough.  He bought 2 soccer balls with birthday money this year, I guess one is not enough.  He is taking on the Venegas love for soccer. Micah we love you so much and are very proud of you.  Thank you for your helpful spirit and the way you take care of Noah so much. You are a great brother to Grace and Noah!!


Micah 1

Micah 3

Micah 2


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    Cathy Temple October 15, 2011

    Micah is a handsome boy. It is fun to watch him grow and see his character and interest develop. Michelle, thank you for sharing.

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    Renee October 15, 2011

    Happy birthday Micah! Wish we could celebrate with you! I love you are of an age where cold hard cash is a great gift! Far away uncles and aunts will remember that!

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    Sara October 17, 2011

    Man- SEVEN! Our boys are growing up! So handsome and so sweet too! Weren’t we just sitting around holding our firstborns like yesterday?

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