Happy Father’s Day

As I get ready to celebrate another Father’s Day all I can think is how blessed I am to have such a great dad in my life.  I grew up with an amazing dad who always believed in me, provided for me, had fun with me,  protected me… and the list goes on. I pray I never take for granted the presence he has been in our family.  I know not everyone can say that, and I am truly grateful.   I then met the love of my life who is an amazing father to our kids, and I love watching him live out the same legacy that his dad left to him (love ya George).  I love that my kids will have a dad they can be proud of just like I am of my Dad.   Thanks for “Being The Man.”

                                                                                                    Happy Father’s Day Dads!!!


daddy and kids bw




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    Lela Mulligan June 18, 2012

    Enjoyed your Father’s Day post, Michelle. I agree that your dad is a very special man and devoted father. He is very dear to me. Give Adam a hug from me :-):-)

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