A Royal Event

This week we celebrated Grace’s 8th birthday. She has been so excited for this day to come. Grace has helped out in all the planning of this party since the beginning. She was adamant we have a crowing ceremony, of which I thought it to be a bit excessive, but after all she is the queen and it is her birthday. So we went ahead with the crowning and it was great! All the girls were gasping when I opened the box to reveal the crown. I think they were just as excited as she was. I wish I had a picture of that but I was the one doing the crowing so you will just have to use your imagination.  Bottom line it was cute!









Grace and her royal subjects. I love seeing the girls all dressed up!



Grace was thrilled to get her first American Doll.  She really wanted the “Julie” doll. We of course had to get a picture with real life Aunt Juju (Julie). 

Happy Birthday Grace!  We hope your birthday was as fun and special as you are!

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