How to Plan a Party by Micah Temple



How To Plan a Party

If you are going to plan a party you should know these things. First, you need a good location. One idea is that it should be where your theme would fit. If you are having a sports party, you should have it in a place where there is a enough room to play. A huge room would be perfect for a dance party. You should have a water party if it’s going to be hot outside.

You should have fun activities, so your guests don’t get bored. Fun games, music, and prizes, would be great. You should have a schedule so know what to do first, second, and last. This is important, so you don’t do the same thing the whole time, and you party does not go on forever.

Snacks are important, so have tasty food and drinks. Soda, sparkling lemonade, and root beer are all yummy drinks.  Some good snacks are chips, crackers, and popcorn.  If you are planning a meal pizza, nachos, or hot dogs are great for parties. These are just some ideas you can use at your next party.

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