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For those of you who don’t know about renting movies from the red box, here are the basics.

The Red Box has various location like Savemart, and Wallmart. You can check online for more locations.  They have mostly new releases, and they are only  $1  a day (due back by 9pm the next day.) I hate spending almost $4 bucks to rent a movie.  So for me this is a sweet deal. The online programs (Blockbuster online, NetFlix ) are good, but I don’t like having to wait for them, and they never send the new releases right away (which is what I usually want to see, we don’t go to theater much these days).

Recently we found out you can reserve the movies online. This really sweetened the deal for us, since the one downside is not being able to always get what we want. I reserved Walle yesterday and it was so easy. I just logged on to their site. I click on the movie I wanted, and clicked reserved. It them showed me all the locations were it was available. Early that day it wasn’t at the location of my choice , so I just check back that afternoon, and they had it.  After that you just pay with your credit card and it holds it for you.

We will defiantly will be doing this more. I love that I can just run in, and know it will be there for sure. Yeah Redbox!!!

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    Dawn November 25, 2008

    I love this too! You can get a free movie every Monday… once on their list they send you a text message with a code, I think you can register on their website. 🙂

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