Temple Family Thanksgiving


As usually we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Rhonda and George’s house. We ate so much food, and I am still recovering from it today.

Julie made two great dishes. One was a Paula Dean recipe for green bean casserole. I like green bean casserole but this made me really like green bean casserole! Also she made Sweet Potato Gnocchi, also a huge hit!

Sheree made a potato casserole, which was super good. She also made a delicious chocolate cake, which when I get the time I will post the recipe. It is so awesome! On top of that, she made these bite size cheesy biscuits. I could not stop eating those all night.

Rhonda and George took care of the Thanksgiving basics, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing.  Rhonda makes a killer cornbread stuffing! Incase you are wondering, yes we had two potatoes dishes, three if you count the Gnocchi. We love our potatoes!

I made my husbands favorite, Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches. This recipe is on my blog if anyone needs it.

Well that is our Temple family Thanksgiving in a nut shell.



I was trying to get Grace to smile, but she just kept calling out for food. Oh well I tried.


Here are Micah and Reagan, burning off their Thanksgiving calories on the Wii.


We keep telling Sheree and Cooper not to give their baby alcohol!!!

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